Everything connected in real-time

Contextual marketing through every micro-moment.
You can’t control the journey, but you can trigger the most relevant messages that influence sales.

  • Your customer's behavior and purchases are delivered into your insights tool. Enrich your existing data infrastructure with one single marketing view.

  • Your data is unlocked and can predict what message to send where and when. Contextualization applied to content, message and channel.

  • Email is now advanced, use location to personalize messages for segments of one customer.

  • The best messages are triggered by behavior, not pushed in hope by the marketer. Gain 2x increase on your engagement stats.

  • This is you, in full control, making use of your data like never before. In real-time, at scale, and across all channels.

Customer-triggered communications deliver 4x the results of standard campaigns.
No one does this better than SmartFocus.

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Everything you need to know about real-time contextual marketing.